What is an XML sitemap?

Why XML sitemaps matter and how to check

An XML sitemap is a list of web pages created for web crawlers so they can easily and quickly find web content. The search engine can use a sitemap to see the newest pages on a website, or all the web pages together, including all images, video content, etc.

Why XML sitemaps matter

  • Better indexation of deeper pages: Search engines traverse XML sitemaps to discover pages that may have been overlooked during the initial website crawl.
  • Monitoring of indexed pages: In combination with Google Search Console, it is possible to find out which URLs are covered in the sitemap that Google indexes.

Two ways to check for XML sitemaps

  1. Visit yoursite.com/sitemap.xml – Do you see any sitemaps listed?
    Some Wordpress sites may list multiple sitemaps at yoursite.com/sitemap_index.xml 

  2. In Google Search Console, navigate to Sitemaps.
    Here you can view or submit sitemaps.